Original text by Pierre Hergaut, translated by Fiona McMurrey

1. Signature Grands Chefs: Arnaud Donckele

Image courtesy of France Channel.

This documentary follows internationally acclaimed chef Arnaud Donckele behind the scenes of three-Michelin-starred restaurant, La Vague d’Or, located in Saint-Tropez. The documentary highlights Donckele's passion for local ingredients and his concoction of exceptional dishes from quotidian products. Viewers are invited to discover the intimate techniques of Donckele's cuisine, as well as the inspiration behind his dishes.

2. Les Carnets de Julie: À la table de Cézanne

Image courtesy of France Channel.

Part of the series, “Les Carnets de Julie,” this episode invites viewers to a singular culinary experience in Aix-en-Provence, where the famous paysagiste painter Paul Cézanne resided and drew inspiration. Host Julie Andrieu takkes you to local markets and farms to discover the region's fresh ingredients and the combination of ancient and modern farming methods employed. After a day in the provençale sun, she uses these ingredients to prepare a meal in Cézanne’s atelier, where the artist once received his friends. The documentary thus offers a unique perspective on the history of cooking Provence and the life of Cézanne.

3. Les Paris du Globe cooker: Vietnam

Image courtesy of France Channel.

Follow chef Fred Chesneau through the streets of Paris in pursuit of the best Vietnamese food in town! Savor every flavor as you are transported to family restaurants and street stalls of the Vietnamese community in Paris, where Chesneau tastes traditional dishes such as pho, banh mi and bun cha. The documentary offers an immersive and authentic experience of Vietnamese cuisine, rooted in the history of Vietnamese immigration to France on account of France’s complex colonial past.

4. Chateaux of Bordeaux: Margaux and Mouton

Image courtesy of France Channel.

Featuring two of Bordeaux's most famous wine estates in Bordeaux, Château Margaux and Château Mouton Rothschild, the documentary explores the respective stories of these châteaux and offers an insight into the winemaking processes of these renowned wines. The viewers are also invited to discover the gardens and cellars of these properties, prestigious wines, as well as the wine-growing traditions of the Bordeaux region.

Our extensive collection of documentaries offers a unique perspective on French gastronomy, from the starred cuisine of Saint-Tropez to the Vietnamese street food of Paris, including the history of Provençal cuisine and the wine traditions of Bordeaux. Whether you are passionate about cooking or are simply curious to discover the culinary delights of France, these documentaries are an excellent way to discover the universe of French gastronomy.