Original text in French by Pierre Hergaut, Translation by Fiona McMurrey

1. The Kings of France: Louis XIV (part I & II)

Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

This two-part documentary immerses us in the life of the Sun King, who reigned over France for more than 70 years. The documentary allows us to discover the luxurious life at the court of Versailles, the influence of Louis XIV on French culture and art, as well as his foreign policy which made France a world power. The directors were able to capture the attention of viewers with stunning images and interviews with renowned historians.

2. The Kings of France: Napoleon (part I, II & III)

Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

This three part documentary series depicts the life of one of the most infamous figures in western European history, Napoleon Bonaparte! Through archival images and historical reconstructions, we can discover the life and illustrious conquests of Napoleon Bonaparte. The directors managed to bring this exciting period of French history to life by presenting us with hitherto little-known-facts, and the preceding political atmosphere that allowed for the rise of Napoleon.

3. Secrets of History: Joan of Arc

Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York.

“Secrets of History: Joan of Arc,” transports us to the Middle Ages and the height of the 100 years war. The documentary chronicles the life of Joan of Arc, a young woman who, upon hearing the voices of saints, was impassioned to lead the French army to victory against the English.

4. Secrets of History: Marie-Antoinette

Image courtesy of France Channel.

This documentary invites us to discover the private life of the last Queen of France. Through archives and expert testimonies, we discover the life of Marie-Antoinette, her passions, her friendships, and her difficulties as Queen. The directors succeeded in presenting a more human image of Marie Antoinette.

5. Secrets of History: July 14, 1789

Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

This program recounts the events that antecedent sequence of socio economic issues and events that culminated in the French Revolution, one of the most significant events in the history of France and the entirety of Western Europe. Through expert interviews, archival footage and re-enactments, the directors give us insight into life in France at the time, enormous inequalities that led to the revolution, as well as major events that marked this period of history.