by Fiona McMurrey

With an ever-changing style that ranges from punk to bohemian, from western to coastal, but remains put-together and recognizable regardless of time or locale, Isabel Marant has truly embodied French fashion through a style that is entirely unique yet accessible. Her emphasis on femininity enunciated through ruffles, pleats, embroidery and soft fabrics contrasted with geometric leathers and metal studded accessories makes for a covetable look that is enviable, effortless, and surprisingly easy to replicate. Below are some principles that define the style of the designer and how to incorporate them into your own sartorial habits!

1. Feminine/Masculine

Courtesy of Moda Operandi

“Masculin/Feminin,” is not only an acclaimed 1966 film by the inimitable anarchist of cinéma Jean-Luc Godard, but also, in some circumstances, the key to unpacking what makes a look visually complex yet effortless. Texture and shape are critical to delineating this look, combining leather & lace (hello Stevie Nicks) with suede and denim, linen, embroidery, and soft silhouettes with hard metal details such as studs on a bag, or a subtle silver cap toe on a buttery leather cowboy boot.

2. All About the Boots

Courtesy of Footwear News

This may be a personal preference, but one category that consistently stands out in every Isabel Marant show is that of footwear, particularly the highly covetable boots whose timeless shapes and excellent quality stand the test of multiple wears and seasons. The Isabel Marant boot, whether a Cowboy, a thigh high, or a simple suede ankle boot invariably add an air of sophistication to any outfit through their chic, sleek, geometric structures, and their elegant simplicity.

3. Sac-it-to-me

Courtesy of Isabel Marant™

Instantly recognizable for those in the know and ubiquitous on the streets of Paris, the Naoko Hobo Studded Bag from Isabel Marant is a timeless addition to any wardrobe and perfect structural addition to any outfit. With ample space and a sleek smooth finish, this bag exemplifies the semi-Bohemian yet polished style that epitomizes the brand Isabel Marant.

4. Achieving Complexity through Simplicity: The Challenge of Layering

Courtesy of Pinterest

Take inspiration from the designer herself and create the illusion of a complex look through a simple layering of statement pieces and updated classics, such as clogs with geometric heels, structure outwear, elaborate blouses and slouchy jeans. Opt for disparities in physical geometry: for example, pair a slinky silk camisole with a pair of low rise carpenter pants, and feminine, detailed sandals. If you are planning on traveling to Paris or anywhere else in France sometime soon or are merely looking for a wardrobe refresher, try styling pieces from your closet à la Isabel Marant to achieve that Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi!