5 restaurants on canal saint martin with great views

By Fiona McMurrey

Canal Saint Martin is renowned for being a lively Parisian neighborhood, especially during the spring and summer when the weather is conducive to lounging all day on the quais of the canal with a picnic, some friends, and a bottle of rosé concealed in a Franprix plastic bag. But if sitting on the hard concrete of the quai with a not-too-distant risk of falling into the not-exactly-enticing waters of the canal isn’t for you, here is a short list of my favorite spots all along the canal for un petit pause, dinner, drinks, and even morning coffee.

1. L’Hôtel du Nord

Courtesy of Paris la Douce

A fabled place that has been the eponymous subject of both a 1938 film and a movie from the same year, L’Hôtel du Nord is an ideal place to bask in the atmosphere of the canal and the history of the area as the hotel was constructed contemporaneously with the canal itself! Now a functional bistrot/restaurant though no longer a hotel, the restaurant offers views of the Pont Tournant, the turning bridge, and the saving basin where boats move from one part of the upper canal to the lower canal. I would recommend ordering a bottle of Rosé paired with a planche of assorted cheese complemented by jam and chutney all of which concatenate into a flavor that can only be described as the epitome of spring. The hotel also frequently features local musicians making it the ideal low-key spot to enjoy French acoustic classics while sipping your chilled wine and people-watching.

102 Quai de Jemmapes
75010, Paris, France

2. Résidence Kann

Courtesy of Residence Kann

Without doubt one of my favorite coffee shops in Paris, Résidence Kann is foremostly a family-founded and operated furniture design and manufacturing firm that expanded into the fragrant coffee world in 2017. Unique to this expertly designed coffeeshop is its extensive menu featuring a sapid Scandinavian breakfast, homemade granola, a croissant-wich that is arguably the best in the entirety of Paris, and weekly different bowls whose contents change with the seasons. Other specialties include the Guinness chocolate cake with tonka mascarpone (j’adore!), amazing roulé à la cannelle, and banana bread with espresso butter. Their coffees are also magnificent

28 Rue des Vinaigriers
75010, Paris, France

3. La Bastringue

Courtesy of Télérama

Although it’s not strictly on Canal Saint-Martin but rather her big northern sister, the Basin de la Villette, La Bastringue is the perfect example of a classical Parisian bistro with modern accents and a forward-thinking menu while also, in terms of style and architecture, maintaining a timeless ambience. With a large terrasse that extends to the quai of the Basin de la Villette, la Bastringue is suitable for small and large groups for afternoon drinks, lunch, or dinner with a spectacular view of the water and lively games of petanque transpiring nearby.

67 Quai de la Seine
75019 Paris, France

4. Le Verre Volé

Courtesy of The Eat-List

One of my favorite restaurants in Paris, partly because of good memories, partly because of the commendable cuisine, Le Verre Volé is a pristine distance from the Canal with all of the views and none of the risk of plunging into the beautiful (read: rancid) basin of the canal. With a delectable menu, exceptional service, but also a semi-casual ambience, Le Verre Volé is a go-to for all occasions!

67 Rue de Lancry
75010 Paris, France

5. Chez Prune

Courtesy of Serendycity

Right on the edge of Canal Saint Martin, Chez Prune is a paean for crowd-watching and enjoying the liveliness of the Canal. A typical standard French bistro, chez Prune offers typical bistro fare such as omelets, planches de charcuterie, and an assortment of other plates, wines, cocktails and craft beers. Chez Prune usually fills up on the weekends so try to either book in advance or arrive early in the day to soak up the sun and the unparalleled view of the canal.

36 Rue Beaurepaire 75010, Paris, France