by Fiona McMurrey


Courtesy of Fiona McMurrey.

Café du Coin has both embraced and pioneered the trend of small plate dining which, in recent years has made the hop across the pond from English dinner party culture, particularly popularized after the isolation brought on by the 2020 pandemic. Keep the conversation and natural orange wine flowing in this casual but intimate establishment deeply embedded in the robust local food-scene of the 11th arrondissement.

9 Rue Camille Desmoulins
75011, Paris


Courtesy of Cadet Capela.

Though the Louvre abounds in masterpieces from across the centuries and adheres to what some might consider a Vasarian chronology and hierarchization of the history of art, such sumptuous details in age old oil paint can be overwhelming. For a more contemporary taste of art that incorporates a variety of mediums from glass, to paint, to other modalities of sculpture, head to the gallery Cadet Capela which is currently exhibiting the group show, “Embodied Perspectives: A Dialogue in Forms.”

13 rue Béranger,
75003 Paris

3. OFR

Courtesy of OFR Instagram.

As temperatures begin to warm up yet still remain quite frigid, there is no better place to soak up the late winter sun than the independent bookstore OFR located between République and le marché des enfants rouges. Stocked with a nearly claustrophobic array of books of every discipline, including philosophy, aesthetics, interviews, and ecology, with a specialty for photography and the fine arts, there is something available for readers of all interests! Additionally, the company has also recently opened an extended bookshop and art exhibition space that also hosts community events such as vintage shops, or performances and is open seven days a week.

OFR The Original:
20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars,
75003, Paris

OFR The Gallery:
1 Rue Eugéne Spuller
75003, Paris


Courtesy of Lemaire.

Shopping for authentic souvenirs while in the tourism-capital of the world, AKA Paris, can often feel rushed and result in unwanted purchases of unnecessary items that you may not particularly want nor need. If, in 2024, you are striving to prioritize your spending on curating items that feel personal and authentic to you, peruse the new flagship store of the homegrown brand Lemaire in the heart of le Marais. Founded and designed by Christoph Lemaire and his partner Sarah-Linh Tran, both who have a background in literature and the arts as well as experience at some of the most renowned fashion houses around, Hermès for example, the brand was founded in 2014 and strives to blend historicity, urban architectural texture, and high quality craftsmanship into pieces you will buy once and keep forever. So if you are in the market for the perfect souvenir, opt for an artisanal statement piece that will remind you of the city of light every time you wear it. Check out the 2023/2024 show online for the ultimate masterclass in layering!

Paris Locations:

1 Rue Elzévir
75003, Paris

11 Place des Vosges
75004, Paris


Courtesy of Centre Pompidou.

February can be a slow month for exhibitions with many acclaimed shows ending in the first week and historic galleries closed in wait for curators to assemble the next production - the Rothko retrospective at Fondation Louis Vuitton notwithstanding. “Corps à Corps,” or “Body to Body” navigates several different movements within the history of photography, including questions of the responsibility of the photographer, what is at stake within imagistic representation, and how it mitigates our relationship between ourselves and the purported ‘other.’ The expo runs until the 25th of March and, if you want to learn more about photography before attending, there is a 7 episode podcast detailing themes and concepts explored within the exposition and an accompanying transcription if you would like to practice your French reading skills.

Place Georges-Pompidou
75004, Paris


Courtesy of Cuvée Noire.

If you, like me, cannot possibly get enough coffee in your system to satisfy your inveterate and irremediable need, then you are probably interested in whatever new coffee shops Paris has to offer. Cuvée Noire, a small chain of coffee kiosks, recently opened with three locations across Paris, one in the lively neighborhood of Bastille, another adjacent to Gare Saint Lazare, and a third on Rue de Rambuteau right outside of the Atelier Brancusi and Centre Pompidou. The independent coffee chain, with their charming slogan “merci mon ange,” has a large menu with a variety of coffee beverages to choose from, hot and cold, as well as an array of pastries. The kiosks themselves are small as per the brand’s attestation that they prioritize giving their customers the most affordable price with the best quality coffee rather than a large location. Each kiosk is decorated in bright cobalt so they’re hard to miss and easy to enjoy!

3rd Arrondissement:

42 Rue Rambuteau
75003, Paris

9th Arrondissement:

96 Rue Saint-Lazare
75009, Paris

11th Arrondissement:
8 Rue de la Roquette
75011, Paris


Courtesy of Le Carreau du Temple and Christina Wood.

If you are lamenting that tickets to “Cyrano de Bergerac,” at la Comédie Française, are completely sold out but still want some evidence that you participated in some form of theatrical culture in Paris, take a chance on an avant-garde musical “THE WORLD WAS ON FIRE”, brought to you by Nina Vallon. This minimalist but visually striking performance depicts the liberation of the female body through the centuries, weaving a poignant narrative of subjugation, desperation, and ultimately freedom. Tickets are available online through the site “Le Carreau du Temple.”

4 Rue Eugène Speller,
75003, Paris


Courtesy of Visit Paris Region.

Paris can seem a bit dead in winter so if you want a taste of the countryside without traveling too far outside of the city, head to Hangar Y in Meudon located in the south western suburbs of Paris. Initially a laboratory for “aeronautic innovation,” during the late nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century, where it was employed during World War 1 for the construction of Zeppelins and afterwards was used as a museum of aeronautic and space travel until the 1970s. It was renovated in 2018 and now serves as a multifaceted art gallery offering a variety of artistic experiences from VR explorations of the future within the cavernous, light filled space, and immersive “Recharger” expositions where participants are invited to lie on the ground and be fully immersed in a bath of light and sound. Outside of Hangar there is a pond-front restaurant with an extensive deck that is perfect for early Summer dining before the temperatures rise, and expansive gardens exhibiting contemporary sculptures best witnessed in the piercing winter light that form the perimeter of the étang de Chalais.

9 Avenue de Trivaux,
92190, Meudon


Courtesy of Paris By Mouth

Located a stone’s throw away from the Panthéon, Café de la Nouvelle Mairie exemplifies casual French cuisine with elegant presentation and a modern twist on a sapid array of classical dishes all at an accessible price point. The Café is neatly situated in the quiet Place de l’Estrapade amidst several academic buildings and is the ideal place to grab a late afternoon glass of natural wine and watch the sun set over one of the oldest quartiers of Paris, the frosty pink light beaming off the white façade of the Panthéon, or for a simple but memorable lunch or dinner. It is important to note that the café is closed on the weekends but is open Monday to Friday to accommodate diners, flaneurs, and students from the nearby Sorbonne.

19 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques
75005, Paris


Courtesy of Wikipedia.

To escape the February winter nights duck inside of le Duc des Lombards, a famed jazz club founded in 1984 that offers free jam sessions after eleven pm on Fridays and Saturdays for latecomers, a perfect nightcap after a dinner or an apéro! Check out their website in advance to reserve a place as the club fills up quite quickly even during the week and there is nothing worse than waiting for hours in the biting February rain.

42 Rue des Lombards
75001, Paris