by Fiona McMurrey

1. The Most Beautiful Trails: French Polynesia

Image courtesy of France Channel.

Have you ever trekked to French Polynesia? Each archipelago that composes the island group has its own distinct variety of landscape and possibilities! Discover the wondrous nature of the islands’ atolls, mountains, forests, waterfalls, turquoise lagoons, and green valleys. Visit to explore over 3000 years of Polynesian culture, fresh seafood, the immaculate snorkeling conditions and over 800 species of marine life that inhabit the sparkling waters.

2. Echappées Belles: Marseille, la vie en bleu

Image courtesy of France Channel.

This documentary won’t take you to the South Pacific but it will escort you to the Mediterranean and the ancient Greek port, and oldest city in France, Marseille. Embrace, “la vie en bleu,” life in blue, the French expression that encapsulates the Marseillaise lifestyle of coastal living. Elected the European Capital of Culture in 2013, Marseille was propelled to the forefront of the world’s stage and christened one of the “trendiest,” destinations in the world. Get in on the action through this documentary, then maybe book a plane ticket for yourself!

3. Des Racines et des Ailes: Passion of Provence

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Robert Brink)

A must-see region of France, Provence is not to be missed! Discover the hidden treasures of Provence through its denizens who invest all of their time and energy into preserving the region’s special features. Roger Bouvier, one of the featured artisans, is charged with preserving the ancient and medieval stone walls of Provence and of passing on the construction techniques of these ancient edifices to young volunteers from all over the world. Let this documentary guide you through the extreme vigilance and constant restorative measures required to preserve the invaluable heritage that resides within Provence!

4. Échappées Belles: Escale en Martinique

Image courtesy of France Channel.

Ever dreamed of visiting a Volcanic island? Accompany the globe-trotting journalist Raphaël de Casabianca to the “island of flowers,” Martinique, whose stunning landscape is composed of volcanic massifs that are over 24 million years old! Follow Raphaël as he explores the vibrant pearl of the Antilles and its diverse culture featuring African, American Indian, and European influences and diaspora. With plenty of nature and culture to explore, on land as well as under the sea, Martinique is a hub of history and activity!

5. Barthélemy, La Perle des Caraïbes

Image courtesy of France Channel.

If you’re looking for luxury in the form of opulent villas, yachts, and Michelin starred restaurants, the island of St. Barts is your ideal vacation! With over 22 pristine beaches, and perfect sailing conditions, St. Barts boasts some of the most exclusive ports, luxurious private villas which are more common than hotels, and is easy to navigate! Whether you want to eat the rich or be the rich, this island is the place to be!