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Zou2010 Animated series Zou is an animated children's show about a lovely little Zebra named Zou. Each episode Zou has to overcome a number of simple problems with the help of his family and friends. The French/Australian production is inspired by the novels of French author Michel Gay. Zou teaches its young viewers lots of important lessons about growing up, and the importance of friends and family.
Little Brown Bear2018 Kids animated series Little Brown Bear is a little boy. He’s the hero of first time adventures: discovering things, making friends, doing silly things. He lives in the countryside with his Mum and Dad in a safe, idealized and colorful environment. In these new adventures, meet his older cousin who just moved in next door with her family. A whole new world of discovery and adventure opens up to the little bear.
Mia2013 Adventure animated series Mia the Mouse lives in the attic of an old Victorian chalet and is always looking for an adventure. She is an extrovert who doesn't think much when it comes to taking risks. And while that's part of her charm, she and her friends often find themselves in embarrassing situations. Watch how Mia and her friends wind up with a new adventure every day, without even intending to.
Manon2007 Cartoon Little Manon lives in a farm with all her animals: Melba the cat, Bingo the dog and all the others. Being able to fly on clouds, swans or umbrellas, she experiences all kinds of adventures.
Guess What ?2009 Cartoon Tijinou and Tijibelle are a couple of playful rabbits, who love solving all kinds of interesting riddles. Before finding an answer to each mysterious puzzle they are given, our heroes will collect many clues, jump into the world of computers, and all that under the watchful eye of their two friends, the Sun and the Pink Fairy, who will guide them through out their journey.
Mademoiselle Zazie2013 Cartoon Little Zazie, Max and their friends are beginning to discover the world, but a lot of things disconcert them.
Ozie Boo! Save the planet2010 Kids animated series Thanks to the ecology lessons of the witty Mr. Pelican, the Ozie Boo learn to live in harmony with the planet Earth in a fun and optimistic way.
The Treehouse Stories2016 Unknown 5 friends meet in a secret treehouse to share their favourite books. In each episode we dive into one story through a different design with top children's books from around the world.


Ernest And Rebecca2017 Cartoon Rebecca, a six and a half year old girl, and Ernest, a microbe, form an amazing duo. The two friends have funny and emotional adventures.
The Long Long Holiday2015 Adventure series In the summer of 1939, Ernest and Colette, 10 and 6 years old, left Paris for a weekend to visit their maternal grandparents, who live in Grangeville, in Normandy. Ernest and Colette end up staying longer than expected with their grandparents. The war was declared. Robert, the children's father, is leaving for the front, while Lucie, their mother, is sick and expected at the sanatorium...
The Pirates Next Door2017 Cartoon Funny animation series about the adventures of little Sanne and her new neighbours: a real pirate family! Based on the books by Jonny Duddle.
Nina Patalo2011 Adventure animated series Adventure animated series
Mirette Investigates2017 Adventure animated series Ten-year-old Mirette is a detective with a passion for disappearances, arrests and car chases. Assisted by her ginger cat Jean-Pat, the laziest and greediest of cats, the little girl travels to all the great cities of the world in search of mysteries. Each episode has a new destination and a puzzle to solve...
Zak Jinks2009 Cartoon Animated children's series following the adventures of Zak Jinks who, alongside his best friends, embarks on mischievous escapades and prank-filled activities. Zak is an eight-year-old boy with a mind full of mad ideas and, with the help of his best friends, he puts his plans into action, causing considerable laughs for the group of pals. Although his ideas may be mischievous, Zak is a lovable young boy on the right track; sometimes he's just unfortunate to get caught! The original series is titled Anatole Latuile, and is a French animation.
Zorro: The Chronicles2015 Cartoon Follow the animated adventures of the young Don Diego de la Vega, who, upon returning from completion of his studies in Spain in 1820, finds the city of Los Angeles in the grip of corrupt and ruthless oppressors under the control of Commander Monasterio. Being the only son of Don Alejandro de la Vega, the richest landowner in California, our hero assumes the demeanour of a lay-about, good-for-nothing wastrel and coward during the day. But this is only cover for his exploits as the mask-wearing, rapier-weilding vigilante hero, El Zorro (the Fox), who appears after sundown to set about battling the armed forces of injustice.
Animalia2007 Fantasy animated series Based on the eponymous picture book by illustrator Graeme Base, Animalia is an animated children's series following the wild adventures of Alex and Zoe, who are transported to a magical kingdom where humans and animals can talk. The kingdom, Animalia, is under threat by sinister villains, and Alex and Zoe feel compelled to help their newly acquired animal friends overthrow the evil of their world and restore peace to its creatures.

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The Day Of The Crows2012 Animation movie Far away, in the heart of a great forest, magic exists. It is a place many mystical creatures and spirits call home. Among them, a father and a son have found their peace, far away from the human kind. Courage, a ten year old boy was taught never to leave the forest. However, one day, when his father got severely injured, the boy was forced to seek help outside of his home. He went to the near by village, inhabited with ordinary people, where he met Manon, the doctor's daughter, who agreed to help. Ignorant about the ways of men, Courage will take part in a journey of discovering the world of humans, where ghosts do not exist.
Just A Beginning2010 Celebrity documentary At the Jacques-Prévert school in France. During their first year of kindergarten at the Jacques-Prévert school, Azouaou, Abderhamène, Louise, Shana, Kyria and Yanis, all aged 3 to 4, participated with their teacher in an experimental workshop with a philosophical aim. Several times a month, the young students have learned to reflect on subjects usually addressed in the final year of high school: love, freedom, authority, difference, intelligence...
The PIM (Parenthood Instruction Manual)2017 Comedy series To raise their three children aged 8 to 16 years old, Isa and Gaby do their best. They try to control the daily problems with tenderness, although sometimes they fail.
War Of Buttons2011 Adventure movie The children of two neighboring villages in the South of France have been waging a merciless war for generations. Additional difficulty: they must also be very careful not to get caught by their parents. However, it is difficult not to come home with damaged clothes or with missing buttons after a vigorous fight.
Santa Claus2014 Comedy movie Every year Antoine (6) sends his gift list to Santa Claus. This year is not an exception. But his wishes have changed: this year he wants Santa to take him on his sleigh all the way to the stars, where he believes his deceased father to be. So when Santa, a burglar in disguise, magically falls on his balcony, Antoine is exhilarated that his wishes may actually come true. Despite Santa's best efforts to get rid of determined Antoine, the two of them form an unlikely duo.