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He Even Has Your Eyes 2015 Comedy movie Adopting one child won’t change the world, but for that family, the world will change In their mid-30s, Paul and Sali are happily married and the proud new owners of their own florist’s store. The only cloud on their horizon is the long wait to adopt a child. Sali’s Senegalese parents, Mamita and Ousmane, even have a name ready for their future grandson: Lamine. Just when the couple had given up hope, the adoption agency calls with good news, despite the curious opposition of the infant’s case worker, Mrs. Millet, they have a baby boy for Paul and Sali! Their best friends, legal eagle Prune and stoner Manu, rally to make sure the house is ready, so the adoption will be approved. Paul and Sali’s new baby is six months old, he’s beautiful, he’s called Benjamin, he has lovely blue eyes… And he’s white! Watch
Dr Knock 2017 Comedy movie Knock, a brilliant former hustler turned doctor, moves to a village in the French Alps to take over the practice of the retiring colleague. He is dismayed to learn that the pure mountain air and invigorating climate of the charming 1950s village conspire to keep the inhabitants in excellent health. Knock is determined to make his fortune, and sets about convincing the population that a healthy person is sick but doesn’t know it. Watch
Tanguy 2001 Comedy movie "You’re such a cutie. You can live here with us forever if you want." Little do Paul and Edith Guetz know that this effusive declaration to their baby in his cot will prove to be prophetic. 28 years later, and Tanguy is still at home. He’s brilliant (holds a degree in philosophy, Japanese and is finishing off a thesis in Chinese), charming (everyone loves him), attractive (apart from his fiancée). Watch
OSS 117 Lost in Rio 2009 Action movie Back from a mission in Gstaad, OSS 117 is immediately sent to Rio to recover microfilms containing the names of French collaborators from the former Nazi Von Zimmel. Assisted by Dolores, an agent of Mossad, the Israeli secret service, the spy searches for the blackmailer... Watch

French Actresses You Should Know

Don't Leave me!2016 Drama TV film The moving story of two parents determined to save their daughter, who is caught up in a web of religious indoctrination. An exploration of radicalization targeting young people.
Apnea Cryminal series A Mediterranean island is rocked by a lack of fish and a series of suspicious deaths. These events coincide with the arrival of a beautiful, mysterious stranger, Théa (Laetitia Casta), who will throw the young Chloé (Noée Abita) into deep confusion. Women call the shots in this powerful and sensual mini-series that revisits the myth of the mermaid.
I Am A Soldier2015 Drama movie At thirty, Sandrine has neither work nor money. She is forced to return to her hometown, Roubaix and start living with her mother. Sandrine's uncle Henri, a dog breeder, offers her what seemed to be a decent job in his kennel. As she accepts, she quickly finds out that her uncle actually manages a hub for dog trafficking from Slovenia. Against all expectations, Sandrine turns out to be good at her new job.
Chefs Drama series Sharpen your Knives The Chef has to deal with betrayal, intrigues, fratricidal quarrels and heartbreaks.
Going South2009 Drama movie Sam, a 27-year-old man, has decided to enjoy the summer by crossing the south of France at the wheel of his Ford. On his way, he meets Lea and Mathieu, brother and sister, as well as Jérémie, who join him on this apparently casual quest. But behind Sam's relaxed appearance lies the desire to find his long lost mother...
The Consolation2017 Drama TV film Victim of unexplained dizziness and discomfort, Flavie, a television host, decides to consult a psychiatrist. He suggests a past ordeal that she would have hidden and suggests that they go through a photo album of her childhood together. The picture of a teenager with a sad look is going to wake up some buried memories...
Duplicity2017 Crime TV film Alice Minville is a nurse in Canada. She is travelling in the far north when her mother, Suzanne, dies in a car accident. When Alice learns of her death four days later, her corpse has already been sent to France, on the instructions of Suzanne's husband. But Suzanne’s husband, Alice's father, died 22 years earlier in a fire!
Last Dance2019 Drama TV film It’s a unique and unrepeatable moment for the different generations. For Ali, it’s time to leave childhood behind and experience his first summer love.

Popular French series

The Awakening Mystery series One rainy night, the life of Dr. Yann Violine is drastically changed, when he knocks down a young woman with his car. The woman is rushed to the hospital where it is determined that she has lost her memory and carries an unknown bacteria. Soon, Dr. Yann, the hospital staff, and the police discover that she has the power to read people's minds and exchange memories and abilities with the people she encounters.
Tomorrow is Ours Criminal series Two boats collided in the bay of Sete, resulting with a violent explosion. This accident is threatening to turn the lives of each family in the community upside down.
Tandem Criminal series The series focuses on commander Lea Soler who is transferred to the brigade of Captain Paul Marchal, her ex-husband. Lea is experienced in investigating murders, and Paul is a brilliant policeman as well, the only thing is that he is absolutely non-controllable. They are also forced to deal with each other after work because the tandem has two teenagers to manage, Alice and Thomas. Somehow they have to get along well to do their job and to balance their relations with the kids.
Criminal Fingerprints2016 Criminal series Paris, 1920. A small group of policemen forms a unique laboratory in the attic of their building. Here lie the beginnings of the technical and scientific departments of the police force.
Where It All Begins2015 Realistic soap opera US PREMIERE! The Auguste Armand Institute is one of France’s top culinary schools. For Maxime and the rest of the students, the end goal is clear: becoming France’s future Michelin-starred chefs.
Joséphine, guardian angel Drama series Joséphine Delamarre is not an ordinary person. She is a guardian angel sent from Heaven. With her persuasion skills and a little bit of magic, she helps people to solve their problems. She comes to aid whenever necessary, it doesn't matter if the person seeking her help is a teenager, prisoner, former alcoholic or a priest.
Let's Stick Together Family series As neighbours and friends, the Binarellis and the Cappelins do everything together. Fearing to be separated when their landlord sells the building they all live in, they decide to do what ever it takes in order to prevent separation. The two families quickly find a solution: building a shared house.


Laid Bare2021 Crime TV film When Sophie shoots a respected neighborhood bookstore manager, it looks like she’s attacked an innocent man unprovoked. But she accuses him of having used their nights of passion as a weapon to destroy her by posting pornographic content on the Web. Her trial reveals the ordeal endured by an ordinary young woman after she becomes a victim of cyber-crime. And the havoc that is wreaked, spreading like wildfire among her children, her relatives and friends, all the way to her workplace. But without proof to the contrary, will her story be believed?
Laid Bare
Stretch2011 Drama movie Suspended for six months after a positive drug test, Christophe, a young and ambitious jockey leaves Paris and moves to Macao, Asia. Thanks to a colleague, Cedric, he enters the local racing scene and is soon noticed by one of the best trainers in the country, Way Way. He eventually offers him to combine their talents. But, is Christophe ready to follow the Macao rules?
The Forbidden Woman1997 Drama movie At thirty-nine, Francois has everything he needs to be happy; a professional success, a happy family and an apparently fulfilled life. But when he meets Muriel, a young 22-year-old woman, this family man ends up caught up in the adultery game, with a whirlwind of joy, jealousy and tears...
The Forbidden Woman
Le Voyage En Armenie2006 Drama movie Realizing that he doesn't have much time left, Barsam decides to return to his native land, Armenia. Distressed by his departure which she did not foresee, his daughter Anna doesn't truly understand the reason for his actions. As she discovers the clues her father had left for her to find, she decides to follow them all the way to the distant Caucasus.Above all, she wants to understand the meaning of the mysterious message her father left her in the form of fragmentary clues.
Le Voyage En Armenie
Night Shift2001 Drama movie Pierre, who works in a glass factory, is a married and attentive man, leading a peaceful life. While moving from the day shift to the night shift, Pierre meets Fred, a "loudmouth" who seems to have only one goal: to attract the attention of others. That's why he never misses an opportunity to bully and humiliate Pierre...
Night Shift
Wild Life2014 Drama movie Philippe Fournier, known as Paco, has decided not to bring his 6 and 7 year old sons back to their mother who has been granted their custody. From childhood to adolescence, Okyesa and Tsali Frournier remained hidden under different identities. They lived with their father in attics, farmhouses, caravans and in communities, in harmony with nature and animals.
Wild Life
My Angel2004 Drama movie One night, Colette, a prostitute from Amsterdam, receives a call from a stranger begging her to take care of her son. When the young boy, Billy, suddenly becomes an orphan, Colette's only concern is to get rid of this new burden. But instead, they end up creating an emotional bond...
My Angel


The ABCS of Love2020 Comedy movie Thirty-year old adulteen Vincent babysits animals and children for a living, and his latest job is 9-year old Bart, who just moved into the building with his overworked and single mom. At his new school, Bart is anxious to develop a cool reputation, so when everyone assumes that laid back, eccentric Vincent is his dad, he begs him to play along, especially when his “dad’s” fun, immature behavior delights all the kids in his class! Initially reluctant, Vincent changes his mind after falling in love with his “son’s” attractive young teacher. And in order to spend as much time with her as possible, he does his best to make sense of the mysterious codes and expectations of his weird new tribe: the Parent-Teacher Association. But Vincent soon faces a bigger issue: How to backtrack on the huge “tiny little lie” he’s gotten himself into.
The ABCS of Love
L'année Juliette1995 Comedy movie Camille learns that his mistress, Clémentine, has left her husband and decided to move in with him. Quite upset, Camille immediately invents a false affair with the flutist Juliette Graveur, whose suitcase he mistakenly took at the airport. One day, the police come to arrest him. Juliette has been murdered...
L'année Juliette
Crash Test Aglae2017 Comedy movie Aglae works in a company which specializes in crash testing. Her world collapses when she learns that the factory she works in is being relocated offshore. In order to keep the job she loves, she agrees to move to India, where the company will be transferred. Her colleagues Liette and Marcelle decide to accompany her, and they all agree to make the trip in Marcelle's car. Has Aglae made the right decision?
Crash Test Aglae
Saint Amour2016 Drama movie Like every year, Bruno and his father, Jean, are at the agriculture fair. While his father was taking part in the contest for the most beautiful bull, Bruno takes the opportunity to go check the wine stands. Seeing his son unhappy, Jean suggests to take him on a real wine tour...
Saint Amour
Half Sister, Full Love2015 Comedy movie Mourning his brother's recent death, Pierrick feels like the world is collapsing beneath his feet. His best friend Tessa proposes a stay at her family's house located on the shore in Brittany, hoping that he will feel better if he changes his surroundings. Pierrick willingly accepts the offer, seeing this opportunity as a chance to recharge his batteries in solitude. However, as he gets there, he finds that the house is already occupied by Tessa's half sister Marie...
Half Sister, Full Love
Open At Night2016 Comedy movie Luigi's theater workers have been waiting two months for their payment. Finally, they decide to go on strike. It has also been two months since Luigi should have found a performing monkey, essential to the show. This Saturday evening, he embarks on a desperate quest for the exotic animal. He has only one night to save his theatre.
Open At Night
Little Fellas1999 Comedy movie After a fight with her father-in-law, Talia, a 13-year-old girl, runs away from home taking her Pitbull dog Kim with her. She meets 4 boys of her age, who seem smart and friendly. But it turns out that the boys are mainly interested in Kim; they want to steal her in order to sell it at a good price or to make her participate in dogfights.
Little Fellas
Stretch2011 Drama movie Suspended for six months after a positive drug test, Christophe, a young and ambitious jockey leaves Paris and moves to Macao, Asia. Thanks to a colleague, Cedric, he enters the local racing scene and is soon noticed by one of the best trainers in the country, Way Way. He eventually offers him to combine their talents. But, is Christophe ready to follow the Macao rules?


Children of the Lie2018 Crime TV film A week before her wedding, Agathe Plichard, a pretty young woman of mixed race, is found drowned in the Creuse river. The police treat the case as an accident.
Children of the Lie
Diamond 132009 Crime movie Mat, an aging and lonely policeman, works in the 13th night division of the criminal police. Having become an alcoholic, he is about to be fired. But his life takes a different turn when an old friend, Franck, contacts him and suggests a plan that involves a sordid and easy embezzlement. Mat soon finds himself entangled in a corruption system that costed his one and only friend's life.
Diamond 13
Trouble Waters2018 Crime TV film Off the coast of Montpellier, a diver exploring a wreck uncovers a highly sought-after treasure: a golden statuette of Medusa, the monster from Greek mythology. The day after his discovery, the young man’s boat is found adrift, with no one on board. Has the curse surrounding the legendary statue struck again? Or is a rival treasure hunter behind the diver’s disappearance? It’s up to Police Captain Guillaume Le Guen of Montpellier’s regional crime squad and his brother, Gendarmerie Captain Damien Le Guen, to solve the mystery.
Trouble Waters
Under Pressure2019 Thriller TV film Justine, 40, is struggling to reconcile her family life and her job as a police officer in the serious-crimes squad. Then she’s accused of stealing money during a raid that goes wrong.
Under Pressure
Face Down2015 Drama movie Accused of trafficking counterfeit money between France and Bulgaria, Samy, a young convict, is forced to become an informer for the French police in order to escape a new prison sentence. His mission is to infiltrate the Bulgarian pimping mafia. In order to trace this network, Samy kidnaps Elka, an underage prostitute of gypsy origin in a district of Marseille.
Face Down
Mesrine: Public Enemy #12008 Action movie Jacques Mesrine has become "public enemy No. 1", hunted down relentlessly by all the police forces. A status in which the man delights and which he strives to consolidate. He continues to make headlines by multiplying provocations, robberies, kidnappings, escapes, assassinations, but also by writing his memoirs or by manipulating the press. >/span>
Mesrine: Public Enemy #1
Mary Higgins Clark: Where Are You Now?2014 Thriller TV film Mathieu disappeared ten years ago. Every year, he calls on Mother's Day. But his mother cannot stand it anymore. Believing she sees her son in the street, she has a heart attack. Mathieu's sister, Caroline, decides to look for her brother.
Mary Higgins Clark: Where Are You Now?

Action & Adventure

Tiger brigades2006 Adventure movie In 1907, in order to fight against an unprecedented crime wave, the Minister of the Interior, Georges Clemenceau, created an elite police force: The Mobile Brigades. They were called the Tiger Brigades, Clemenceau's nickname at the time. Five years later, the Tiger Brigades are charged with ensuring the safety of a Russian prince, threatened by Bonnot's anarchist group...
Tiger brigades
OSS 117 Cairo, Nest of Spies2006 Adventure movie 1955. Cairo is a real strategic crossroads where spies from all over the world are swarming. The French secret agent on duty has disappeared. The President of the Republic decides to send a replacement to investigate his disappearance. Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, code name OSS 117, leaves for Egypt...
OSS 117 Cairo, Nest of Spies
Fairplay2006 Action movie Charles is an authoritarian company manager. In order to assert his superiority over his employees, he multiplies the sport activities within the company of his father-in-law, who entrusted him with the management. But over the years, the abuses committed by Charles have undermined his game, stirring up rivalries between colleagues...
De Force2011 Action movie A series of robberies performed by the gang of "All Blacks" makes headlines. Under the authority of the prosecutor Canetti, the police commander Clara Damico is responsible for dismantling the organization at the origin of these heists. Only Manuel Makarov, a mobster serving a twelve-year prison sentence, can help him. Clara offers to exchange his collaboration for a reduction of sentence. Makarov refuses. Clara knows that she has one option left: to force Makarov to escape.
De Force
Smugglers' Songs2011 Historical movie In 1755, Louis Mandrin, a famous smuggler was executed in the public square of Valence. After his death, his friends make him popular by composing and singing about him. They also decide to start a new smuggling adventure, and end up organizing black markets in the French provinces.
Smugglers' Songs
OSS 177 Lost in Rio2009 Action movie Back from a mission in Gstaad, OSS 117 is immediately sent to Rio to recover microfilms containing the names of French collaborators from the former Nazi Von Zimmel. Assisted by Dolores, an agent of Mossad, the Israeli secret service, the spy searches for the blackmailer...
OSS 177 Lost in Rio


The Romance of Astree and Celadon2007 Drama movie In a marvelous forest, in the distant time of the druids, the shepherd Celadon and the shepherdess Astrea love each other purely. Unfortunately, deceived by a suitor, Astrée rejects Celadon who, out of despair, throws himself into a river. While she's considering him dead, he is secretly saved by the nymphs...
The Romance of Astree and Celadon
The Art Of Love2011 Comedy movieSurprised to learn that Isabelle hasn't been in a physical relationship for over a year, Zoe offers to borrow her her own companion. In the meantime, Achilles gets smitten by his new neighbor. Emmanuelle loves her husband, but she can no longer control the irrepressibility of her adulterous desires. Boris ends up confiding his best friend, Amélie that she has always been a woman of his desires. This story follows several individuals who explore the art of love.
The Art Of Love
Caprice2015 Romance movie Clement, a modest schoolteacher, loves going to the theater to see his favorite actress Alicia play. During each of these plays, Caprice, a whimsical young woman, sits next to him. She seems to be in love with him. Meanwhile Alicia, who spotted Clement from the stage, also gets interested. Clement quickly finds himself in a love triangle not knowing which woman to choose.
Bachelor Days Are Over2011 Romance movie A few days before his wedding, a young man who is not used to it is confronted with crucial decisions. Faced with his fiancée who has disappeared, faced with the girl he has just met, faced with his family-in-law, faced with his mother, his sister, his friends and even the workers on the construction site of his future apartment, he must make a decision.
Bachelor Days Are Over
(Girl)friend2018 Comedy movie Devastated after yet another breakup, Vincent has sworn never to fall in love again. He moves in with Nefeli, a young lawyer who also refuses to suffer again. At the same time, Vincent meets Julie and is forced to put his good resolutions to bed. But he begins to feel that he may have chosen the wrong person...
The desert of love2012 Drama TV film In 1992, Raymond Courrèges came across Maria Cross, a woman who had profoundly marked his life twelve years earlier. When he was a teenager, she sat opposite him and his father every evening on the tramway, provoking them. His father had also fallen in love with Maria, who has lost her son and with whom he had formed a strong bond. However, it was Raymond whom she was interested in.
The desert of love
The Together Project2016 Comedy movie
The Together Project
The Discreet1990 Romance movie Having been dumped by his girlfriend, and with no inspiration for his next novel, Antoine turns to his friend, a publisher, for help. He is advised to seduce a random woman, keep a diary of the flow of seduction and finally abandon her before publishing the book of his psychological observations. Unfortunately, somewhere a long the way, he falls in love with her..
The Discreet

Family fun

The Day Of The Crows2012 Animation movie Far away, in the heart of a great forest, magic exists. It is a place many mystical creatures and spirits call home. Among them, a father and a son have found their peace, far away from the human kind. Courage, a ten year old boy was taught never to leave the forest. However, one day, when his father got severely injured, the boy was forced to seek help outside of his home. He went to the near by village, inhabited with ordinary people, where he met Manon, the doctor's daughter, who agreed to help. Ignorant about the ways of men, Courage will take part in a journey of discovering the world of humans, where ghosts do not exist.
Just A Beginning2010 Celebrity documentary At the Jacques-Prévert school in France. During their first year of kindergarten at the Jacques-Prévert school, Azouaou, Abderhamène, Louise, Shana, Kyria and Yanis, all aged 3 to 4, participated with their teacher in an experimental workshop with a philosophical aim. Several times a month, the young students have learned to reflect on subjects usually addressed in the final year of high school: love, freedom, authority, difference, intelligence..
The PIM (Parenthood Instruction Manual)2017 Comedy series To raise their three children aged 8 to 16 years old, Isa and Gaby do their best. They try to control the daily problems with tenderness, although sometimes they fail.
War Of Buttons2011 Adventure movie The children of two neighboring villages in the South of France have been waging a merciless war for generations. Additional difficulty: they must also be very careful not to get caught by their parents. However, it is difficult not to come home with damaged clothes or with missing buttons after a vigorous fight.
Santa Claus2014 Comedy movie Every year Antoine (6) sends his gift list to Santa Claus. This year is not an exception. But his wishes have changed: this year he wants Santa to take him on his sleigh all the way to the stars, where he believes his deceased father to be. So when Santa, a burglar in disguise, magically falls on his balcony, Antoine is exhilarated that his wishes may actually come true. Despite Santa's best efforts to get rid of determined Antoine, the two of them form an unlikely duo.
You are so handsome2005 Comedy movie Following the accidental death of his wife, Aymé, a farmer overwhelmed by work, decides to find someone to help him at the farm. By contacting a matrimonial agency, he ends up with Irina, a charming Romanian woman. Quickly, he's seduced by the cheerfulness of his new friend...
The Island2015 Comedy movie Sophie and Daneel are a young and passionate couple, living in Paris. One day, Sophie decides to organise a surprise trip to Bulgaria. However, Daneel does not seem too excited with the idea. When he finally decides to give in and travel there, Sophie finds out that Daneel grew up in a Bulgarian orphanage, and does not remember that part of his life with joy. After a few hours on crowded beaches, Daneel embarks Sophie to a secluded island in the middle of the Black Sea. Strange things begin to happen as they are being influenced by the constant heath and a few unusual inhabitants of the island.
The Goods Pleasure1984 Drama movie In Paris, Claire's bag, which contains a compromising letter, written to her ten years earlier by her lover who is now the President of France, is stolen. In the letter, he begged his pregnant mistress to have an abortion. Claire immediately informs the President about the incident and to avoid a scandal, he puts the Minister of the Interior on the case to find the thief who stole her bag...