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The Queen Of Clubs (1h40) 2009 Drama movie Living in the Chartres region, Aurélien and Argine, a brother and sister are in their thirties. They have lived together for as long as they can remember. By day Aurélien is a florist, but in order to make ends meet, he secretly sells stolen metal by night. Unsuspicious, Argine is a young unemployed woman who multiplies love affairs. One night, Simon, Aurelien's accomplice, arrives unexpectedly. Wanted by the police, he asks for money. The trouble begins... Watch
Farinelli (1h51) 1994 Biographical movie Naples, beginning of the XVIII century. To keep his young brother Carlo's crystal-clear voice beyond childhood, Riccardo Broschi manages, under the pretext of an accident, to deprive him of his virility. Now a castrato, Carlo Broschi becomes Farinelli, an opera singer whose fame extends to England... Watch
Just A Beginning (1h37) 2010 Celebrity documentary At the Jacques-Prévert school in France. During their first year of kindergarten at the Jacques-Prévert school, Azouaou, Abderhamène, Louise, Shana, Kyria and Yanis, all aged 3 to 4, participated with their teacher in an experimental workshop with a philosophical aim. Several times a month, the young students have learned to reflect on subjects usually addressed in the final year of high school: love, freedom, authority, difference, intelligence... Watch
Secrets of History: Claude Monet, secret gardens (1h30) 2011 History TV show History is full of fascinating secrets and remarkable stories, often forgotten and left to idle in the dusty pages of archives, records, and history books. This French documentary series dives into tales from the past, exploring compelling tales and intriguing individuals who have left their mark on France, Europe, and the rest of the world. From royal leaders to revolutionary artists, powerful families to influential politicians, immerse yourself in fragments of the past. Watch
Guy de Maupassant (2h11) 1982 Drama movie In August 1891, the writer Guy de Maupassant was only 41 years old, but he knew that he did not have much time left to live due to his illness. He spent his last moments reflecting on his past as a libertine. The approach of his death prevented him from finding the inspiration to finish his last book... Watch


Breathe(1h31)2014 Drama movie When Sarah arrives in her high school class, Charlie's life is turned upside down. She falls under the influence of the beautiful and reckless Sarah without measuring the risks. From fascination to manipulation, a toxic and disturbing friendship is created between Sarah and Charlie, who is now suffering from impressive anxiety attacks...
(Girl)friend(1h22)2018 Comedy movie Devastated after yet another breakup, Vincent has sworn never to fall in love again. He moves in with Nefeli, a young lawyer who also refuses to suffer again. At the same time, Vincent meets Julie and is forced to put his good resolutions to bed. But he begins to feel that he may have chosen the wrong person...
Marquise(2h)1997 Comedy movie Marquise, a young dancer, is noticed by Molière on a market in Lyon. To escape misery, she decides to marry Gros-René, an actor in the famous playwright's troupe. Even though she's an excellent dancer, the young woman aspires to become an actress. Later, she manages to seduce Louis XIV at Versailles and ends up becoming the mistress of Racine, who writes for her Andromaque.
My Stars(1h28)2008 Comedy movie Passionate about movies and actresses, Robert is probably the most clingy fan in French cinema. Gathered on the same set, his three favorite actresses discover one day that they have the same problem with the same fan. They decide to fight back. Joining forces, they will do everything to take their revenge and get rid of this man.
Mr Paul2015 Drama movie In 1972, France tried to put an end to collaboration and achieve peace. However, the spectres of the Second World War resurface when the former SS officer Klaus Barbie gets located in Argentina. It is then that a journalist Franck Jourdan learns of Paul Touvier, a former collaborator who remains unpunished for the crimes against humanity he had committed in Lyon during the Occupation. To have him punished, Jourdan needs to unveil the truth and support it with evidence.
Ace of Aces(1h40)1982 Sport movie Jo Cavalier was one of the most heroic pilots of the new aviation during the Great War. As he later became the trainer of the French boxing team, he led it to the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936. During a journey on a train, a 10-year-old Jewish boy, Simon, recognizes him. Enchanted by his hero, the boy starts following him everywhere, When Jo discovers that Simon's family is facing persecution by the Gestapo, he decides to help.
The Paris Opera(1h46)2017 Cultural documentary For a year, Jean-Stéphane Bron filmed the daily life of musicians, dancers, technicians, but also administrative staff of the Paris Opera. Classical ballets, grandiose operas, rehearsals of the orchestra... Welcome to the heart of one of the world's most prestigious lyrical institutions!
Free men(1h35)2011 Drama movie In 1942, a young Algerian immigrant Younes is a black marketer in occupied Paris. Arrested by the police, he agrees, in exchange for his release, to work for them. His mission: to spy on the rector of the Paris Mosque, the eminent Si Kaddour Ben Ghabrit. During a first visit, Younes meets a singer, Salim, with whom he soon becomes friends.
Up for Love(1h38)2016 Comedy movie Diane is a brilliant and attractive lawyer with a good sense of humor and a strong personality. She is just single after an unhappy marriage and ready to meet the man of her life. One evening Diane receives a call from a certain Alexandre, who has found her cell phone. There is an instant click between the two during the conversation. Alexandre is polite, funny and smart. Diane is immediately captivated by him. The two quickly plan a date, but that meeting doesn't go quite as expected ...
Jacquou le croquant(2h20)2007 Adventure movie Jacquou was nine years old when his father, a tenant farmer working for the Count of Nansac, was convicted of murder. Deported to the penal colony, he was killed for having tried to escape. Jacquou's mother died of fever shortly after. Becoming an orphan, the boy was taken in by the priest Bonal. As an adult, he transforms his vow of vengeance into a struggle against injustice...


Zorro: The Chronicles(22min)2015 Cartoon Follow the animated adventures of the young Don Diego de la Vega, who, upon returning from completion of his studies in Spain in 1820, finds the city of Los Angeles in the grip of corrupt and ruthless oppressors under the control of Commander Monasterio. Being the only son of Don Alejandro de la Vega, the richest landowner in California, our hero assumes the demeanour of a lay-about, good-for-nothing wastrel and coward during the day. But this is only cover for his exploits as the mask-wearing, rapier-weilding vigilante hero, El Zorro (the Fox), who appears after sundown to set about battling the armed forces of injustice.
The Long Long Holiday(25min)2015 Adventure series In the summer of 1939, Ernest and Colette, 10 and 6 years old, left Paris for a weekend to visit their maternal grandparents, who live in Grangeville, in Normandy. Ernest and Colette end up staying longer than expected with their grandparents. The war was declared. Robert, the children's father, is leaving for the front, while Lucie, their mother, is sick and expected at the sanatorium...
Ernest And Rebecca(10min)1985
Rebecca, a six and a half year old girl, and Ernest, a microbe, form an amazing duo. The two friends have funny and emotional adventures.
Animalia2009 Fantasy animated series Based on the eponymous picture book by illustrator Graeme Base, Animalia is an animated children's series following the wild adventures of Alex and Zoe, who are transported to a magical kingdom where humans and animals can talk. The kingdom, Animalia, is under threat by sinister villains, and Alex and Zoe feel compelled to help their newly acquired animal friends overthrow the evil of their world and restore peace to its creatures.
Nina Patalo(10min)2011 Adventure animated series Nina is making mischief in her house with Andy the stuffed duck, Patalo, a little purple monster and Walter, a defrosted caveman.
Mirette Investigates(13min)2017 Adventure animated series Ten-year-old Mirette is a detective with a passion for disappearances, arrests and car chases. Assisted by her ginger cat Jean-Pat, the laziest and greediest of cats, the little girl travels to all the great cities of the world in search of mysteries. Each episode has a new destination and a puzzle to solve...
Zak Jinks(12min)2018 Cartoon Animated children's series following the adventures of Zak Jinks who, alongside his best friends, embarks on mischievous escapades and prank-filled activities. Zak is an eight-year-old boy with a mind full of mad ideas and, with the help of his best friends, he puts his plans into action, causing considerable laughs for the group of pals. Although his ideas may be mischievous, Zak is a lovable young boy on the right track; sometimes he's just unfortunate to get caught! The original series is titled Anatole Latuile, and is a French animation.
Zorro: The Chronicles(22min)2015 Cartoon Follow the animated adventures of the young Don Diego de la Vega, who, upon returning from completion of his studies in Spain in 1820, finds the city of Los Angeles in the grip of corrupt and ruthless oppressors under the control of Commander Monasterio. Being the only son of Don Alejandro de la Vega, the richest landowner in California, our hero assumes the demeanour of a lay-about, good-for-nothing wastrel and coward during the day. But this is only cover for his exploits as the mask-wearing, rapier-weilding vigilante hero, El Zorro (the Fox), who appears after sundown to set about battling the armed forces of injustice.
The Pirates Next Door(12min)2017 Cartoon Funny animation series about the adventures of little Sanne and her new neighbours: a real pirate family! Based on the books by Jonny Duddle.
Christmas and Co.(1h36)2017 Family movie As Christmas approaches, Santa Claus is happy; the making of presents is going well. But everything gets out of hand when the 92,000 elves in the factory get sick. Wanda, his companion, believes that vitamin C is the perfect remedy. Against his will, he takes a long trip to Paris...


19Th Century Tales And Short Stories: the jackpot(56min)2009 Historical series The story takes place in a small provincial town. Often in the evening a friendly company gathers to play cards: Champbourcy, the mayor of the town, his daughter Blache, his sister Leonida, the pharmacist Cordenbois , a rich farmer Colladan, and Felix, a young lawyer. After winning a jackpot, they all must decide how to spend the money. A trip to Paris is a proposal which receives almost general agreement. This is the beginning of a completely incredible adventure.
Beautiful Getaway - Bourgogne(1h30)2016 Tourism TV show Burgundy is a region of unspoiled nature, rich with history, agriculture and wine. This week, our host, Jerome Pitorin, will travel through this astonishing land, and learn more about it with help of its locals. Moreover, he will learn not only about the rich history of Burgundy, but also about the local cuisine and gastronomy.
100 Must See Places: Quercy(26min)2014 Tourism documentary A former province located only an hour from Toulouse, Quercy has everything that makes up the typical charm of the South West...
Secrets of History: Marie-Antoinette's intimacy(1h30)2008 History TV show Stephane Bern takes us to the journey of discovering the unique, peaceful, intimate palace, given to Marie-Antionette as a present from her beloved husband, Louis XVI. Some will speak of whims, others of the refinements of a young queen whom politics and court intrigues hardly interested. As a mater of fact, the queen preferred taking care of her animals, enjoying her time with friends and family, organising game nights and listening to music, far away from the watchful eye of the public, thus making the palace a piece of intimate heaven the Queen longed for.
Beautiful Getaway - Gourmet Normandy(1h30)2019 Tourism TV show Join our hosts, Sophie Jovillard, Tiga, Jérôme Pitorin and Ismaël Khelifa, as they take us on journeys to destinations both near and far. Each 90-minute epsiode is packed full of incredible sights and sounds from around the globe, whether that be the bustling heart of cities such as New York, Rome and Marseille, or the breathtaking natural beauty of the island paradise of New Caledonia and the tropical wonderland of Sri Lanka.
Roots and Wings: Wine and Lakes in Gironde(1h50)2015 History TV show Drawing on the notion of the local and the global in terms of outlook this French documentary explores concrete locations from villages to cities and examines the specifics of these unique communities while also considering their relevance in wider national and even international concepts for these are but pieces within a much wider and more complex picture: the French and the global.
Secrets of History: Joan of Arc(1h52)2019 History TV show We think we know everything about the incredible destiny of Joan of Arc: her appearance in front of Charles VII in Chinon to convince him to liberate Orleans, her capture by the English and her death in Rouen...
100 Must See Places: French Riviera(52min)2018 Tourism documentary The Var coast has preserved its wild and untamed landscape, with its immense forests of cork oaks and chestnut trees, its monasteries and its picturesque villages...